The future is yours when it comes to the Marijuana business in California!  There are both perks and drawbacks to California law about cannabis.  As it was just approved months ago, there’s still definitely a lot to work out.  If you google their laws at the moment, what would come up is a whirling firestorm of fear over the possibility that California may remove the ability for dealers to have stores, and all sorts of other terrible and unhappy possibilities in the future.  However, this is all just speculation, so don’t allow it to damper your dreams of marijuana.  

The rules are still in place though- and that means as of this moment it’s still legal, regardless of the fear of it being taken away.  Currently, you may still have up to one ounce of marijuana, and you may even grow your very own plants.  Yes, that’s plants with a plural s at the end- sic to be exact!  Just like liquor however, there’s the same age limit to participate in the weedstravaganza.  

You’re still unable to smoke in any public place like schools or hospitals, but none the less you’re perfectly allowed to recreationally.       

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