When you sell a product that has recently been legalized, is under a ton of controversy, and has so many regulations on it, security is an enormous issue.  Not only does cannabis already have enormously constrictive security needs, it is rather valuable to you as a seller- so the laws that are in place regarding marijuana, though possibly a little annoying at times, can really only help you in the long run!

It’s important by these new laws that you have an extremely adequate amount of security cameras to view your business floor!  It’s imperative by law that you also have an extremely clear picture, at least a three megapixel four time zoom IPOD camera, especially in HDCV in order to catch any criminal that may be burglarizing your cannabis store.  It is a federal criminal act if anyone breaks into your dealership, due to the numerous age restrictions and restrictions in general that must be abided by when selling cannabis. Crooks may be able to get their hands on some of your product, and take to the streets to sell to minors or even lace it with other substances that you would never put on the market.  

Try to think of a cannabis dealership as a modern day alcohol shop (as cannabis shops are pretty new to the market so you may be more familiar with alcohol regulations).  They also require an enormous amount of protection- let alone the fact you’re barely allowed to go inside of a liquor store if you are below the legal age in the U.S.

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