In so many of our other articles on the fantastic Marijuana Security Magazine, we mentioned how imperative it is to keep your product safe.  In our “criminal of the week” articles, we will outline a genius that decided to burglarize a cannabis store OR committed cannabis related crime, despite the enormous amount of regulations on our little green friend.

For our first this week, we have Tim Dursely, 34, a man from northern Washington, who decided to commit a “grand heist” of sorts- but we’ll see just how greatly he went through with that in the end.  

Tim burglarized the Henderson’s Washington cannabis store with absolutely no coverage over his face- an excellent way to burglarize a cannabis store.  By all means, if you’re a burglar reading this article, please be sure to rob a marijuana store, or any store for that matter, with absolutely no protection over your face, wearing an everyday white tee and jeans.  That’s what any skilled burglar would do.

Anyway, Tim then took little baggies of pot, strapping them to his legs and body, and attempted a number of days later to flee the country with his pounds of weed for some reason.  Wear the same white shirt and jeans.  Jeans? Or should I say gen-ious.  FYI strapping pounds of any drug to your body while wearing light clothing comes off a oddly suspicious, unless you expect people to completely believe you are made of block shaped packets.

Thanks Tim, for making it onto our wall of shame.   

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