With a valuable product like cannabis, it’s extremely important you know who you have coming into your business at all times of the day, just as you would with any business.  The list is limited when it comes to who you should allow into your marijuana store, meaning only customers and employees- not criminals looking to steal your product.

In order to make sure nothing like this occurs, it’s important to keep your business safe and up to the regulated standard.  The standards may seem to get in the way on occasion, but like most rules, it can ending up saving you, your product, and your business in the end.  There’s really no room, when running a cannabis house, for cheap security products that have nothing to offer but a blurry picture, and in some cases, barely function at all.  

You can’t afford to have missing tape or time lapses.  You need a reliable home automation security system with 24/7 real time monitoring and first responder services.  There are plenty top of the line offerings on the web to take a look at when you need to monitor who comes into your business.  Alarm.com made our list because of their five star rating and great customer service!  Don’t put your business at risk, and opt for 100 percent, excellent security.   

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