Say you decided to get into the marijuana businesses- your extremely excited, but you head is practically spinning, no, not from the smoke, but from the immense amount of information you must remember when beginning to grow your weed!  How are you possibly going to remember every detail of creating a strong and healthy cannabis plant, while knowing the in’s and out’s of keeping them happy and pest free?!

Well, don’t be alarmed my cannabis growing friend, we are hear to swiftly and thoroughly educate you on just how to keep those pesky pets away from your profitable plants.

The first rule of thumb that every grower should be aware of is the fact that your customers aren’t going to like pesticides.  Well, how are you even going to keep the bugs away without anything to do so?  What is this article even saying??

No need to stress- use essential oils, the best natural pest repellent on the market!  A great recipe for a repellant, whether you want to keep spiders out of your home or lady bugs out of your weed, is two cups of water mixed with eight drops of lavender and six drops of eucalyptus oil.  This concoction provides a scent and takes most pests loathe.  Be sure to pick up real essential oils as well, not extracts or imitations for burning.  Head to your local farmer’s market to take care of those nuisances today!  

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