Cannabis industry is better controlled and regulated than it was four years ago. //NATIONAL POST STAFF PHOTO

Oftentimes, those who are just breaking into the business have a lot to learn.  Anything from “how do I keep my cannabis plants healthy” to “what are the regulations of” insert name of legalized state here!  You’re obviously very aware of what you have in your store- what your product is.  It’s incredibly valuable and has the potential to become an economic staple for our country as a whole.  Now that you’ve grown your business…literally and figuratively in some cases…the question remains, “how can I keep my business safe”?  

This can be meant in many different ways, as in how can a business be kept safe from being completely shut down due to all of those regulations, and how can you keep it safe from burglary.  A pot shop really is a commodity, people in this current times may think it’s be fun to break in and steal some cannabis.  Due to the security regulations, it really is up to you to make sure this doesn’t happen, and if it unfortunately does, you have the criminals on record.  You want to have the highest quality locks and sensors on all doors and any windows you may have.  Most of all, be completely certain you are up to proper standards in order to stay safe in the eyes of the law.  Last, make sure the people you hire to work in your store are trustworthy- they’ll be dealing with a very valuable and regulated item, so there’s never a reason to not thoroughly background check.   

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