The world of cannabis is sincerely a great topic in the U.S.  There aren’t too many unexplored lands left, so what is left for the artistic explorers to delve into are new topics on the horizon of our particularly young country.  We’re still obviously figuring out a lot, such as what works on a legislative plane of marijuana laws and regulations- however there is a very different side to this as well.  Also new to the topic are business owners.   Nine out of ten times, they’ve long dreamed about owning a real, legal weed business, and it’s finally a possibility.  They start it, find out the enormous amount of regulations involved, get everything settled, and then finally reach the point where they can hire employees.

But when you have such an incredibly valuable product, that also happens to be pretty easy to tuck in a back pocket, what do you do?  The best advice to be given is to background check-yeah, you are a new business and you haven’t been around too long so the rules are a little obscured.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t be professional!  Schools, hospitals, and general businesses all background check, you should too.  Look for past instances of theft and get some detail on it, choose people who give out a generally good vibe with a good track record- there’s no harm in asking, and with all of the legislation flying around you deserve to be sure of who you hire, and have one thing not weighing on your mind.    

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