If you think pot shop robberies are only happening at the shops, think again! Simply type in home robberies or pot shop robberies on YouTube and you will be amazed of the recorded crimes that have plagued the cannabis industry. If you think thats bad, imagine the stories that didn’t get recorded or reported!

As more entrepreneurs get into the medical and recreational marijuana business, more opportunities will be created for would-be thieves to target and steal from the cannabis community. Which brings us to why this Marijuana Security Magazine was created. Our staff and advertisers only have your best interest at heart. It is our sincere mission to see that you are informed and empowered to do the best you can to protect you business and your family.

Here are the top 5 things you can do to keep your family and business protected!

1. Be unpredictable
They can’t get you if they don’t know where you are or where you are going. Easier said than done, but if you get in the habit of being aware of your surroundings and taking different routes to your home or business, you will eventually make it hard for anyone to track you down and if anyone is potentially following you, you will easily spot them and take the proper steps to mitigate the problem which leads us to the next step, communication.

2. Communicate your travels and locations
Notify close friends and family of your whereabouts. Look, the marijuana industry is a very risky business to begin with, knowing who to trust and communicate with should be taken very seriously. (Approximately eight out of ten inside jobs can always be traced to disgruntled friends or family who have an intimate understanding of the layout of your home or business)

3. Security cameras
Technology is ever changing and there is no excuse for not having a security camera system in your home. If your going to work in the cannabis industry, you owe it yourself and your family to have a camera system in your home. Securitycameraking.com has some pretty sweet deals on some IP cameras that you can easily view on your smartphones.

4. Planning
Having a plan for the unthinkable is a must for anyone working in the cannabis industry. We’ve all heard the term “street smarts and book smarts” not everyone getting into the cannabis industry has the street marts! A lot of hard lessons have been learned on the medical marijuana market, but that doesn’t mean you should fallow in their foot steps. Learn from their mistakes and have a plan in place for unforseen situations. If you don’t have a plan or don’t know how to put a security plan together, contact us and we can set you up with a security consulant who can guide you and keep you safe.

5. Self Defense / active shooter class
And lastly self defense! We all can’t be Jackie Chang and we are not saying you should be Chuck Norris when it comes to security, but a good self defense course would greatly improve your survival skills. You need to know what you are made of and capable of in a stressful environment. Self improvement courses like this should have you feeling confident and empowered to go about your business knowing that you have taken the proper steps to mitigate a potential legal or deadly situation and prevent from becoming a victim.

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