Long ago, our parents and theirs, and generations before that had the common cigarette. It’s easy to picture a scene straight out of the early 1900’s of a flapper girl smoking a long cigarette, or flipping back to the black and white flicks of the 1950’s and even viewing characters smoking cigarettes anywhere from hospitals to teachers smoking their cigs at school.

All we see now regarding cigarettes are those who have lost every tooth or have trouble breathing…that being said, it’s time to move away from the old cigarette and head towards the new!  

Marijuana, unlike the tar and nicotine of the old cigarette, has been proven to have numerous benefits as you are probably well aware if you’ve come to this site.  Cannabis has so many benefits to the point where states were eager and willing to support medical marijuana legalization-even states such as Florida that really could’ve flipped either way on the bottom line decision.

It’s natural, it’s fresh, and relaxes people with so many diseases that would normally be unable to, such as those suffering from the shakes of parkinson’s (though they don’t normally smoke it, however it’s still a possibility!).  

Never has a cigarette been so incredibly groundbreaking as the marijuana cigarette! In every cannabis shop in places such as Colorado or Washington, you’ll find these to take part in.  Perhaps generations from now will look back to our own pop culture and see instances of everyday people smoking a marijuana cigarette.  Businessmen, doctors, teachers and waiters all displayed cinematically to take part in a cannabis cigarette: the new cigarette.  

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